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  • Dheeraj - 9945594122
  • Bharath - 9663605640
  • Bhargav - 9632761179
  • Vandit - 9035871137



  • 1. Every student should carry a valid ID card or current bus pass and visitors must produce a valid ID.
  • 2. Intoxicated students/visitors are strictly not allowed inside the campus.
  • 3. Disciplinary committee team will be given complete authority to ensure that unwanted situations do not prevail.
  • 4. Patrolling team will make rounds inside the campus zone and parking area frequently.
  • 5. All vehicles must be parked in the land beside the college premises i.e. Green Orchid Farm during the fest.
  • 6. During Anaadyanta, the back gate will be closed at all times.
  • 7. All bags and baggage will be checked during Anaadyanta.
  • 8. Helmets, perfumes, deodorants, and any other flammables are strictly prohibited.
  • 9. The Management is not responsible for your belongings.
  • 10. Hoysala police will conduct random checks in the college campus.
  • 11. All students should board the buses/respective vehicles and disperse after the function concludes. Get-togethers should not be organized in the college premises.
  • 12. After the buses leave, no transportation will be provided by the college.
  • 13. All the students are requested to cooperate and follow the above mentioned rules for a hassle free fest.